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[DIR] /

     - The home page or root directory of GNU.WIKI.

[DIR] man1/

     - General system programs and commands.

[DIR] man2/

     - Information covering system calls.

[DIR] man3/

     - Library functions, covering in particular the C standard library.

[DIR] man4/

     - Special files (usually devices, those found in /dev) and drivers.

[DIR] man5/

     - File formats and conventions.

[DIR] man6/

     - Games, screensavers and other amusements.

[DIR] man7/

     - Miscellaneous commands and information.

[DIR] man8/

     - System administration commands and daemons.

[DIR] man9/

     - Kernel routines [Non standard]

[DIR] howto/

     - This are contains helpful How-To guides.

[DIR] abs/

     - The Advanced Bash Scripting Guide book in HTML format.

[DIR] phpdocs/

     - This manual consists primarily of a function reference, but also contains a
       language reference, explanations of some of PHP's major features, and other
       supplemental information.

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