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  TrueType Fonts with XFree86 4.x mini-HOWTO
  Bartek Kostrzewa,
  1.5, 2004-06-28

  This mini-HOWTO describes how to use TrueType (*.ttf) fonts with
  XFree86 4.x.

  Table of Contents

  1. Introduction

     1.1 Copyright
     1.2 Disclaimer
     1.3 News
     1.4 Credits
     1.5 Translations

  2. Procedure


  1.  Introduction

  1.1.  Copyright

  Download, copy and redistribute this text freely. If you do any
  changes, please submit them to me, and I will pass them to the LDP, of
  course, credit will be given.

  Copyright (c) 2001 by Bartek Kostrzewa

  1.2.  Disclaimer

  Use the information in this document at your own risk. I disavow any
  potential liability for the contents of this document. Use of the
  concepts, examples, and/or other content of this document is entirely
  at your own risk.

  All copyrights are owned by their owners, unless specifically noted
  otherwise.  Use of a term in this document should not be regarded as
  affecting the validity of any trademark or service mark.

  Naming of particular products or brands should not be seen as

  You are strongly recommended to take a backup of your system before
  major installation and backups at regular intervals.

  1.3.  News

  �  1.5: Change my e-mail adress and modified some X-Free versioning

  �  0.0.4: Some content added, explaining how to add fontpath's to the

  �  0.0.3: Due to possible legal problems some modifications were done.

  �  0.0.2: This release cleans up some errors I wrote about Netscape
     font scaling.

  �  0.0.1: Initial release.

  This document can be found at: <

  1.4.  Credits

  I'd like to thank Bear Giles for his Debian TTF howto which brought me
  on the right path :o).

  Of course, credit should also go to the XFree86 crew for the enormous
  effort of maintaining XFree86, and Joerg Pommnitz for writing

  Also I'd like to pass a BIG big thank you to the LDP for building and
  maintaining a network of helping hands which already guided many
  people through the hard to overcome the learning curve Linux has.

  Thanks to Joe Meadows for notifying me that this howto probably
  described an illegal act in version 0.0.2 and earlier.

  1.5.  Translations

  Apparently some translations of this document have been written but I
  don't know where to find them since the authors did not contact me,
  (no wonder, I did not update since 2001). Please do continue to

  Any comments or suggestions can be mailed to my mail address:

  2.  Procedure

  Since my last update a lot has happened but the procedure is still the
  same even for Just adjust the filename if necessary.

  Get a set of TrueType fonts (for example from one of the many sites
  making fonts availiable for download) and do the following as root at
  the command line:

  �  mkdir /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/Truetype

  �  cp /home/joeuser/your-download-directory/*.ttf

  �  cd /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/Truetype

  �  ttmkfdir > fonts.scale

  �  mkfontdir

  Now if you have a working installation of Windows on one of your
  partitions, you must use the fonts directly from there, copying them
  to a directory of your Linux partition is considered *illegal*. First
  read up on how to get your windows partition detected and working in
  Linux (most distributions do that at installation time, and by
  default), then as root do the following:
  �  cd /etc/X11

  �  your-favourite-editor XF86Config In some X distributions this file
     is used with a number added to it (for example: XF86Config.4)]. You
     will have to find out which file your X11R6 uses. You can do this
     by typing: cat /var/log/XFree* | grep "Using config file:" and then
     instead edit the file stated in the log.

  �  Now, in the editor find the section Files and the lines with
     FontPath, just add FontPath "/yourwinpartition/windows/fonts/" at
     the bottom of this list.  (yourwinpartition must be replaced with
     the mount point of your windows partition)

  �  cd /winpartition/windows/fonts

  �  ttmkfdir > fonts.scale

  �  mkfontdir

  This will make all the fonts on your Windows partition work correctly
  in X.

  There you go. You will now have all of your TrueType fonts working. If
  you want to add fonts, just move/copy those [*.ttf files] into the
  aforementioned directory, and repeat the process.

  Netscape has problems with these fonts, you have to check the "Allow
  Scaling" setting in the Fonts dialog, don't feel distracted by the
  fact that it only shows font sizes 0 and 12. Mozilla has no such
  problems.  Opera neither.

  The mkfontdir executable should be included with your XFree 4.x

  If you are missing ttmkfdir, you can obtain it here:

  The latest version of XFree86 (currently 4.4.0) can be found at:

  The latest version of can be found here:

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