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       2to3-3.3 — Python2 to Python3 converter


       2to3 [options] file|dir ...


       -h, --help
              show this help message and exit

       -d, --doctests_only
              Fix up doctests only

       -f FIX, --fix=FIX
              Each FIX specifies a transformation; default: all

       -j PROCESSES, --processes=PROCESSES
              Run 2to3 concurrently

       -x NOFIX, --nofix=NOFIX
              Prevent a transformation from being run

       -l, --list-fixes
              List available transformations

       -p, --print-function
              Modify the grammar so that print() is a function

       -v, --verbose
              More verbose logging

              Don't show diffs of the refactoring

       -w, --write
              Write back modified files

       -n, --nobackups
              Don't write backups for modified files

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