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       xml2 - convert xml documents in a flat format

       2xml - convert flat format into xml

       html2 - convert html documents in a flat format

       2html - convert flat format into html

       csv2 - convert csv files in a flat format

       2csv - convert flat format into csv


       <xml2|2xml|html2|2html|csv2|2csv> > outfile < infile


       There  are  six  tools.  Except  csv2  and and 2csv they don't take any
       command-line arguments.  They are all simple filters which can be  used
       to  read  files  from  standard  input  in  one format and output it to
       standard output in another format.

       The flat format used by the tools is specific to these tools.  It is  a
       syntax  for  representing structured markup in a way that makes it easy
       to process with line-oriented tools.  The same format is used for  HTML
       and  XML;  in  fact, you can think of html2 as converting HTML to XHTML
       and running xml2 on the result; likewise 2html and  2xml.  (Of  course,
       this isn't how the implementation works.)


       This  program  does  normally  not include any documentation in form of
       manpages.  However it has a real excellent documentation online with  a
       lot of example.  In fact this manpage was based on this documentation.

       Please find it on:[External Link]

       Examples can be found here:[External Link]


       xml2 was written by Dan Egnor.

       This manpage was written by Patrick Schoenfeld <>
       for the Debian project, but may be used by others under the same terms
       as xml2 is distributed.


       Bugs can be reported through the Debian Bug tracking system.

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