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       virt_mail - OpenLink Virtuoso Opensource Mail Interface


       virt_mail [-clhsm] [+configfile arg] [+local arg] [+host arg] [+sender
                 arg] [+mailer arg] [+debug]
       virt_mail [+help]


       This manual page documents briefly the virt_mail command.

       This manual page was written for the Debian  distribution  because  the
       original  program  does  not  have  a  manual  page.   Instead,  it has
       documentation in the 'doc' VAD package.

       virt_mail is the OpenLink Virtuoso Mail Interface


       A summary of options is included below. For a complete description, see
       the 'doc' VAD package.

              configuration file to use

       +local local recipient (for sendmail mode only)

       +host  local host/domain (for sendmail mode only)

              envelope sender (for sendmail mode only)

              mailer in use

       +debug debug mode

       +help  outputs help


              The  configuration  file  to  control  the behaviour of the main
              instance of virt_mail.


       The programs are documented fully by the 'doc' VAD package.

                               24 September 2013                  VIRT_MAIL(1)

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