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       Welcome2L - Linux ANSI boot logo.


       Welcome2L [ -scr ] [ -getty ] [ -gettps] [ -msg ] [ -cpu ]  [ -scrrand
       ] [ -xmas ]  [ -xmasauto ] [ -lcol ] [ -nolf ] [ -private ] [-notime ]


       Welcome2L is a little program that may run at login time to produce a
       BBS like ANSI login logo. It's very similar to Linux_Logo. But where
       Linux_Logo intends to be portable, Welcome2L intends to produce the
       best looking ANSI screens by making full usage of PC graphic
       characters. Therefore an architecture able to display those characters
       (i386, Alpha with TGA adapter, ... ) is required to use it. And, even
       if it will work on larger screens, it will only produce 80 column ANSI


       -getty  Will display more accurate information when launched at boot

       -gettps Like -getty, but works with gettyps(8) program.

       -nolf   Will not add an empty line to the ansi screen produced.

       -msg    -msg"text of message" will show the message given as the
               distribution info.

       -cpu    -cpu"name" will show the  name given as the CPU name.

       -scrxx  Will display screen number xx.

               Will display a random screen.

       -xmas   Will display an Xmas screen.

               Will automatically display an Xmas screen in December and

       -lcolxx Will change the prompt color to the color number xx. Type
               Welcome2L -help to see what number is attributed to a color.

               Display an "Unauthorized access is prohibited" line at the
               bottom of the ANSI screen.

       -notime When dispalying date information, do not display time.

               Turn blinking off. Useful with -xmas or -xmasauto on
               framebuffer devices, which do not support blinking.

       -help   Will display usage information.


       /usr/bin/Welcome2L -getty -msg"Debian GNU/Linux" -lcol14


       Welcome2L is not intended to run in a xterm.


       Because "A 'welcome' page has been proven to be an invitation to come
       your system, thus making it legal to hack into your box."  you may want
       to use the "-private" arg when running Welcome2L to display an
       "Unauthorized access is prohibited" line at the bottom of the ANSI


       Welcome2L Copyright (C)1998-1999 Little Igloo Org is freely
       distributable under the GNU Public License, a copy of which you should
       have received with this software (in a file called COPYING).


       You can get the last Welcome2L version, sources, binaries distribution
       or RedHat Packages, at :


       Jean-Marc Jacquet <>

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