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       control_rancid - run rancid for devices of a group


       control_rancid [-V] [-m mail_rcpt] [-r device_name] group


       control_rancid  is  a sh(1) script to parse a group's router.db(5), run
       rancid for each of the devices, possibly re-run rancid for devices that
       failed collection, e-mail diffs, and e-mail error reports.

       The command-line options are as follows:

       -V     Prints package name and version strings.

       -m mail_rcpt
              Specify   the   recipient   of  diff  mail,  which  is  normally
              rancid-<group>.  The argument may be a single address,  multiple
              comma  separated  addresses,  or  -m  may  be specified multiple

       -r device_name
              Specify  the  name,  as  it  appears  in  the  router.db,  of  a
              particular device to collect and generate diffs for.  The device
              must be marked "up".

              The -r option alters the subject line of the diff mail.  It will
              begin with <group name>/<device name> rather than just the group
              name alone.

       control_rancid is normally  (and  best)  run  via  rancid-run(1)  which
       provides a locking mechanism on a group basis and saves output in a log
       file for each group.


       rancid-run(1), rancid.conf(5), router.db(5)

                                5 October 2006               control_rancid(1)

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