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       fbpanel  -  a  NETWM  compliant  lightweight  GTK2-based panel for UNIX


       fbpanel [OPTION]


       fbpanel is desktop  panel  which  provides  graphical  information  and
       feedback  about desktop activity and allows interaction with the window
       manager.  It features:

       · taskbar - shows a list of the managed windows (tasks)

       · pager - thumbnailed view of the desktop.

       · launchbar - buttons to quickly launch applications

       · show desktop - button to iconify or shade all windows

       · image - display an image

       · clock - show the current time and/or date

       · system tray - tray for XEMBED icons (aka docklets)

       fbpanel requires NETWM ( compliant window  manager.
       You  can  run many instances of fbpanel each with its own configuration
       (see OPTIONS below).

       Most updated info  about  fbpanel  can  be  found  on  its  home  page:


       --help -- print help message and exit.

              -- print version and exit.

       --log <number>
              -- set log level 0-5. 0 - none 5 - chatty

              -- open configuration dialog

       --profile <name>
              --  use  specified  profile. The profile is loaded from the file
              ~/.config/fbpanel/<name>.  If  that  fails,  fbpanel  will  load
              /usr/share/fbpanel/default.   No  -p  option is equivalent to -p

       -h     -- same as --help

       -p     -- same as --profile

       -v     -- same as --version

       -C     -- same as --configure


       fbpanel will create a default profile file in case there  noone  exists
       already.   Default  profile  file  contains  comments  and  explanation
       inside, so it should be easy.

       For  a  complete  list   of   options   and   examples,   please   read


              Directory with the user's private profiles

              The user's default profile.

              The fbpanel documentation. Contain a list of features and pretty
              useful examples of their funcionality.


       fbpanel was written by Anatoly Asviyan  <>.   This
       manual  page  was originally written for the Debian GNU/Linux system by
       Shyamal Prasad <> and updated by  Ulises  Vitulli

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