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       fexsend - CLI client for the F*EX service


       fexsend [OPTIONS] file... [@] recipient...
       fexsend [special options]
       fexsend -f # recipient...
       fexsend -x # [-C -k -D- K]


       F*EX (Frams' Fast File EXchange) is a service to send big (large, huge,
       giant, ...) files from a user A to a user B.  This manual page
       documents briefly the fexsend command.

       This manual page was written for the Debian distribution because the
       original program does not have a manual page.


       -v     runs fexsend in verbose mode

       -d     delete file on fex server

       -c     compress file with gzip

       -g     encrypt file with gpg

       -m <limit>
              limit throughput to limit kB/s

       -i <tag>
              use ID data tag from ID file

       -C <comment>
              add comment to notification e-mail

       -k <max>
              keep file max days on fex server

       -D     delay auto-delete after download (until next cleanup)

       -K     no auto-delete after download

       -M     MIME-file (to be displayed in recipient's webbrowser)

       -o     overwrite mode, do not resume

       -a <archive>
              put files in archive (.zip .7z .tar .tgz)

       -s <stream>
              read data from pipe and upload it with stream name

   special options
       -I     initialize ID file or show ID

       -I <tag>
              add alternate ID data (secondary logins) to ID file

       -l     list sent files numbered (# needed for -f , -x and -d )

       -f #   forward already uploaded file to another recipient

       -x #   modify options -C -k -D -K for already uploaded file

       -d #   delete file on fex server (# file number, see output from
              fexsend -l)

       -Q     check quotas

       -A     edit server address book (aliases)

       -U     generate and show authorized URL

       -H     show hints and tips

       -V     show version


       fexsend visualization.mpg framstag@domain.example
       fexsend -a *.jpg webmaster@domain.example,metoo
       lshw | fexsend -s hardware.list admin@domain.example


       fexsend was written by Ulli Horlacher <>

       This manual page was written by Giuseppe Iuculano
       <> and Michael Bussmann <> for the
       Debian project (but may be used by others).


       Copyright (C) 2006-2014 Ulli Horlacher <>.
       License: Perl Artistic



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