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       fl-record - records a live funkload test using TCPWatch


       fl-record [ options ] test_case


       fl-record uses TCPWatch to setup a proxy server which is then used by a
       browser and records activities. It generates a  Funkload  script  or  a
       unit test if a name is passed to the script.


              Show program's version number and exit

       --help, -h
              Show a help message and exit

       --verbose, -v
              Verbose output

       --port=PORT, -p PORT
              TCP port where the proxy listens (Defaults to 8090)

       --tcp-watch-input=TCPWATCH_PATH, -i TCPWATCH_PATH
              Path to an existing TCPWatch capture

       --loop=LOOP, -l LOOP
              Loop mode


       fl-build-report(1),      fl-credential-ctl(1),      fl-install-demo(1),
       fl-monitor-ctl(1), fl-run-bench(1), fl-run-test(1).


       Funkload was written by Benoit Delbosc.

       This manual page was written by Jose Parrella <>, for
       the Debian project (but may be used by others).

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