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       git-extras - Awesome GIT utilities


       git-extras [-v,--version] [-h,--help] [update]


       -v, --version

       Show git-extras version number.

       -h, --help

       Show  this  help.  This  option  can also be used for any of the extras


       Self update.


       ·   git-alias(1) Define, search and show aliases

       ·   git-back(1) Undo and Stage latest commits

       ·   git-bug(1) Create bug branch

       ·   git-changelog(1) Generate the changelog report

       ·   git-commits-since(1) Show commit logs since some date

       ·   git-contrib(1) Show user´s contributions

       ·   git-count(1) Show commit count

       ·   git-create-branch(1) Create branches

       ·   git-delete-branch(1) Delete branches

       ·   git-delete-merged-branches(1) Delete merged branches

       ·   git-delete-submodule(1) Delete submodules

       ·   git-delete-tag(1) Delete tags

       ·   git-effort(1) Show effort statistics on file(s)

       ·   git-feature(1) Create feature branch

       ·   git-fresh-branch(1) Create fresh branches

       ·   git-gh-pages(1) Create the GitHub Pages branch

       ·   git-graft(1) Merge and destroy a given branch

       ·   git-ignore(1) Add .gitignore patterns

       ·   git-info(1) Returns information on current repository

       ·   git-local-commits(1) List local commits

       ·   git-refactor(1) Create refactor branch

       ·   git-release(1) Commit, tag and push changes to the repository

       ·   git-rename-tag(1) Rename a tag

       ·   git-repl(1) git read-eval-print-loop

       ·   git-setup(1) Set up a git repository

       ·   git-show-tree(1) show branch tree of commit history

       ·   git-squash(1) Import changes form a branch

       ·   git-summary(1) Show repository summary

       ·   git-touch(1) Touch and add file to the index

       ·   git-undo(1) Remove latest commits


       Written by Tj Holowaychuk <>





                                   June 2013                     GIT-EXTRAS(1)

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