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       las2ogr - convert LAS file to data source using OGR


       las2ogr [-h | -i <infile> -o <outfile> -t <format> | -formats]


       las2ogr  converts  LAS  file to data source using OGR drivers available
       from GDAL/OGR package.  This utility is useful to  translate  cloud  of
       points  collected  by LiDAR sensors to vectors for easier data exchange
       and processing.


       -h     print usage information

       -i >infile>
              input ASPRS LAS file

       -o >outfile>
              output file

       -f >format>
              OGR format for output file

              list supported OGR formats


       Shows how to convert LAS file to ESRI  Shapefile  with  POINT  geometry

       $ las2ogr -i mydata.las -o points.shp -f "ESRI Shapefile"

                                 2 August 2014                      las2ogr(1)

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