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       quazip - C++/Qt wrapper for UNZIP/ZIP




       QuaZIP  is a simple C++ wrapper over Gilles Vollant's ZIP/UNZIP package
       that can be used  to  access  ZIP  archives.  It  uses  Trolltech's  Qt
       toolkit.   QuaZIP  allows you to access files inside ZIP archives using
       QIODevice API, and that  means  that  you  can  also  use  QTextStream,
       QDataStream  or  whatever  you  would like to use on your zipped files.
       QuaZIP provides complete abstraction of the  ZIP/UNZIP  API,  for  both
       reading from and writing to ZIP archives.


       minizip(1), miniunzip(1), zlib(3), zip(1).


       This  program  was written by Sergey A. Tachenov.  This manual page was
       written by Eric Maeker <>.

                                 14 July 2014                        QuaZIP(1)

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