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        lrfviewer - view LRF ebook


       lrfviewer [options] book.lrf


       Read the LRF ebook book.lrf

       Whenever  you  pass  arguments  to  lrfviewer that have spaces in them,
       enclose the arguments in quotation marks.


              show program´s version number and exit

       -h, --help
              show this help message and exit

              Redirect console output to a  dialog  window  (both  stdout  and
              stderr).  Useful  on windows where GUI apps do not have a output

              Print more information about the rendering process

              Turn on visual aids to debugging the rendering engine

              Disable hyphenation. Should significantly speed up rendering.

              By default the background is off white as I find this easier  on
              the eyes. Use this option to make the background pure white.

              Profile the LRF renderer


       Created by Kovid Goyal <>

                                13 October 2014                   lrfviewer(1)

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