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       matchbox-panel - a desktop panel for resource-limited systems


       matchbox-panel [options]


       matchbox-panel  is a desktop panel, which can hold small `applets' such
       as a clock, system monitor and wireless monitor.

       Matchbox is a base environment for the X Window System running on  non-
       desktop embedded platforms such as handhelds, set-top boxes, kiosks and
       anything else for  which  screen  space,  input  mechanisms  or  system
       resources are limited.


       -display display
              X display to connect to

       -geometry geometry
              Use --size/--orientation instead

       --id int
              Panel number

       --size int, -s int
              Width/height of panel in pixels

       --orientation north|east|south|west

       --default-apps app list, -da app list
              Comma-separated  list  of apps to add to a panel when no session

       --margin-start +int
              Initial app offset in pixels (panel start)

       --margin-end +int
              Initial app offset in pixels (panel end)

              Request panel in titlebar

       --no-session, -ns
              Disable automatic session saving

       --no-menu, -nm
              Disable popup menu

       --no-flip, -nf
              Disable automatic panel rotation when display is rotated

       --overide-bubbles, -o
              Set override-redirect attribute on popup information windows

       --help help


       matchbox-panel was written by Matthew Allum <>.

                                  Jul 17 2004                matchbox-panel(1)

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