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       mbfind, mbget, mbsubmit - interface to the MusicBrainz database


       mbget [--device DEV] [--discid ID] [--albumid ID] [--freedb]
       mbfind [--artist ARTIST] [--album ALBUM] [--verbose]


       mbget  prints a listing of the specified album (by default, the disc in
       /dev/cdrom),  in   either   a   serialized   format   compatible   with
       lastfmsubmitd(1)  or  a  format  compatible  with FreeDB.  mbfind lists
       albums  in  the  MusicBrainz  database  matching  the  given  criteria.
       mbsubmit  opens  a web browser window to submit the disc ID of the disc
       in /dev/cdrom to MusicBrainz.


       -a, --artist
              Specify the artist name to search for.

       -b, --album
              Specify the album name to search for.

       -v, --verbose
              Print all RDF responses read  from  the  server  (for  debugging

       -d, --device
              Specify the device to read a disc ID from.

       -i, --discid
              Specify a disc ID; do not read from any devices.

       -a, --albumid
              Specify an album ID; do not read from any devices.

       -f, --freedb
              Print output in FreeDB format.


       Decklin Foster <>.


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