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       mp3cue - cut a MP3 file according to a CUE file


       mp3cue -c cuefile mp3file


       The  mp3cue  utility cuts a MP3 file mp3file containing multiple tracks
       according to a CUE file cuefile.  The length and position of the single
       tracks  is  read  from  the  CUE  file,  and  new  tracks  are  created
       accordingly. The tracks are named according to  the  artist  and  album
       information  contained  in  the  CUE  file,  and  ID3  v2  tags are set
       accordingly. The MP3 file is not cut on  frame  boundary,  but  on  ADU
       (autonomous  data  unit) boundary, thus avoiding glitches and cracks in
       the resulting MP3 files.


       Manuel Odendahl <>, Florian Wesch <>

                                 February 2005                       MP3CUE(1)

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