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       multi_g_rdf - Part of the VOTCA package


       multi_g_rdf [OPTIONS] -- [g_rdf_options]


       This is a multiplexed version of g_rdf

       Please visit the program site at __http://www.votca.org__.


       Allowed options:

       -N, --NN
              Number of tasks Default: 8

       -b TIME
              Begin time Default: 0

       -e TIME
              End time

       -n FILE
              Name of the index file Default: index.ndx

       -o FILE.xvg
              Name of the total output file Default: rdf.xvg

       --soutput FILE.xvg
              Name  of the single output files Default: rdf_NP.xvg (used trunc
              of name given by -o) (where NP is replaced later by  the  number
              of the process)

       --log FILE
              Name  of  logfile Default: rdf_NP.log" (used trunc of name given
              by -o) (where NP is replaced later by the number of the process)

       --cmd CMD
              Change the gromacs command to run Default: g_rdf

              Run only one task at the time

              Enable debug output

       -q, --quiet
              Be a little bit quiet

       -h, --help
              Show this help


              ·  multi_g_rdf -e 1

              ·  multi_g_rdf -e 1 -- -bin 0.05


       Written and maintained by the VOTCA Development Team <>

       This Manual Page was converted from t2t format to the  this  format  by
       txt2tags  (  !   The  t2t  file  was extracted from
       'multi_g_rdf --help' by help2t2t (version 1.2.3 )


       Copyright 2009-2011 The VOTCA Development Team (

       Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may
       not  use  this  file  except  in  compliance with the License.  You may
       obtain a copy of the License at


       Unless required by applicable law or agreed  to  in  writing,  software
       distributed  under  the  License  is  distributed  on an "AS IS" BASIS,
       WITHOUT WARRANTIES  OR  CONDITIONS  OF  ANY  KIND,  either  express  or
       implied.    See   the  License  for  the  specific  language  governing
       permissions and limitations under the License.

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