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       Taurus - manual page for Taurus Trend 3.3.0


       taurustrend1d [options] <model>


       a Taurus application for plotting trends of scalars


       -h, --help
              show this help message and exit

       -x t|d|e, --x-axis-mode=t|d|e
              interpret  X  values as timestamps (t), time deltas (d) or event
              numbers (e). Accepted values: t|d|e

              maximum number of values to be plotted (when reached, the oldest
              values will be discarded)

       -a, --use-archiving

              show a demo of the widget

              Name of the window

              show program's version number and exit

              Taurus Options:

              Basic options present in any taurus application

              taurus   log  level.  Allowed  values  are  (case  insensitive):
              critical, error, warning/warn, info, debug, trace

              taurus global polling period in milliseconds

              taurus   serialization   mode.   Allowed   values   are    (case
              insensitive): serial, concurrent (default)

              Tango host name

              enables remote debugging using the given port

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