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     transmission-cli — a bittorrent client


     transmission-cli -h
     transmission-cli [-b | -B] [-d number | -D] [-er | -ep | -et] [-f script]
                      [-g directory] [-h] [-m | -M] [-p port] [-t]
                      [-u number | -U] [-v] [-w directory] torrent-file


     The transmission-cli program is a lightweight, command-line BitTorrent
     client with scripting capabilities.

     The options are as follows:

     -b --blocklist
             Enable peer blocklists. Transmission understands the bluetack
             blocklist file format.  New blocklists can be added by copying
             them into the config-dir's "blocklists" subdirectory.

     -B --no-blocklist
             Disble blocklists.

     -d, --downlimit number
             Set the maximum download speed in KB/s

     -D, --no-downlimit
             Don't limit the download speed

     -er --encryption-required
             Encrypt all peer connections.

     -ep --encryption-preferred
             Prefer encrypted peer connections.

     -et --encryption-tolerated
             Prefer unencrypted peer connections.

     -f, --finish script
             Set a script to run when the torrent finishes

     -g, --config-dir directory
             Where to look for configuration files. This can be used to swap
             between using the cli, daemon, gtk, and qt clients.  See
    for more

     -h, --help
             Prints a short usage summary.

     -m, --portmap
             Enable portmapping via NAT-PMP or UPnP

     -M, --no-portmap
             Disable portmapping

     -n, --new sourcefile
             Create torrent from the specified file or directory

     -p, --port port
             Set the port to listen for incoming peers. (Default: 51413)

     -t, --tos
             Set the peer socket TOS for local router-based traffic shaping.

     -u, --uplimit number
             Set the maximum upload speed in KB/s

     -U, --no-uplimit
             Don't limit the upload speed

     -v, --verify
             Verify the torrent's downloaded data.

     -w, --download-dir directory
             Where to save downloaded data.


     In addition to these options, sending transmission-cli a SIGHUP signal
     will contact the tracker for more peers.


                 Sets the default config-dir.

     http_proxy  libcurl uses this environment variable when performing
                 tracker announces.


             Directory where transmission-cli keeps torrent information for
             future seeding and resume operations.


     The transmission-cli program was written by Eric Petit, Josh Elsasser,
     Jordan Lee, and Mitchell Livingston.


     transmission-create(1), transmission-daemon(1), transmission-edit(1),
     transmission-gtk(1), transmission-qt(1), transmission-remote(1),

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