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       tthsplit - TtH gold HTML file splitting utilities


       tthprep filename.tex
       tthsplit <filename{.php,.xml}
       ttmsplit <filename{.php,.xml}


       The  script tthprep runs LaTeX to generate the auxiliary files that tth
       or ttm need to properly link respectively an HTML or XML web document.

       The programs tth or ttm for converting TeX or LaTeX documents  to  HTML
       or  XML  respectively  have  a -s option which cause them to generate a
       single output file split into sections or chapters  with  fixed  names.
       The program tthsplit splits the single file into files with fixed names
       depending on the LaTeX  source.  Each  document  should  have  its  own
       directory to avoid overwriting each others files.

       Program ttmsplit is just a symlink to tthsplit.

       For  complex  documents  with  multiple  bibliographies the tth and ttm
       programs generate references to a single  file  refs.php  or  refs.xml
       respectively.  The  tthrfcat program concatenates multiple bibliography
       files into such a single file and then deletes the multiple files.


            $ tthprep sample2e.tex
            $ tth -s sample2e.tex
            $ tthsplit <sample2e.php

       produces the four cross linked HTML files listed from  a  copy  of  the
       example  file  sample2e.tex  distributed  with  LaTeX 2e and present on
       Debian systems with LaTeX installed.


       tth(1), ttm(1).
       The programs are documented fully in


       TtHgold was written by Ian Hutchinson <>.

       This manual page was written by  Ian  Maclaine-cross  <>,
       for the Debian project (and may be used by others).

                               February  7, 2011                   TTHSPLIT(1)

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