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       selection-pastebin - automatic pastebin upload


       This is a little rarely useful extension that uploads the selection as
       textfile to a remote site (or does other things). (The implementation
       is not currently secure for use in a multiuser environment as it writes
       to /tmp directly.).

       It listens to the "selection-pastebin:remote-pastebin" keyboard
       command, i.e.

          URxvt.keysym.C-M-e: perl:selection-pastebin:remote-pastebin

       Pressing this combination runs a command with "%" replaced by the name
       of the textfile. This command can be set via a resource:

          URxvt.selection-pastebin.cmd: rsync -apP % ruth:/var/www/

       And the default is likely not useful to anybody but the few people
       around here :)

       The name of the textfile is the hex encoded md5 sum of the selection,
       so the same content should lead to the same filename.

       After a successful upload the selection will be replaced by the text
       given in the "selection-pastebin-url" resource (again, the % is the
       placeholder for the filename):


       Note to xrdb users: xrdb uses the C preprocessor, which might interpret
       the double "/" characters as comment start. Use "//" instead,
       which works regardless of whether xrdb is used to parse the resource
       file or not.

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