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       usbmuxd - iPhone/iPod Touch USB multiplex server daemon


       usbmuxd [options]


       usbmuxd  stands  for  "USB multiplexing daemon".  To the user/developer
       what it actually does is to proxy requests over a USB cable on directly
       to a listening TCP port on the iPhone.


              Print this message.

              Be verbose (use twice or more to increase).

              Do not daemonize (implies one -v).

              Change  to  this  user after startup (needs usb privileges).  If
              USER is not specified, defaults to usbmux.

              Run in udev operation mode.

              Tell a  running  instance  to  exit  if  there  are  no  devices
              connected (must be in udev mode).

              Tell a running instance to exit, even if there are still devices
              connected (always works).


       Hector Martin "marcan" <>

       Nikias Bassen <>

       Paul Sladen <>

       Man page written to conform with Debian by Julien Lavergne.


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