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NAME  - Converts all old GRASS < Ver5.7 sites maps in current
       mapset to vector maps.


       sites, vector, import

SYNOPSIS help [-r]  [--verbose]  [--quiet]

           Run non-interactively

           Verbose module output

           Quiet module output

DESCRIPTION converts  all  GRASS  5.0/5.3/5.4  sites  files  in  the
       current mapset into 6.0 vectors.


       Sites  maps from 5.0/5.3/5.4 and vector maps from 6.0 do not interfere.
       They are stored in different directories,  so  you  can  use  the  same
       names.  Old sites maps can be listed with g.list sites.
       As this GRASS version uses SQL for attribute management, there are some
       SQL restrictings concerning the file names.  This script  changes  dots
       (e.g.  "")  in  old  vector  map  names  into underline(s) (e.g.
       "foo_bar"). It also adds the extension '_points' to the new vector  map


       To  convert all old vector maps in the current mapset to the new vector
       format: -r




       Markus Neteler, ITC-Irst, Trento, Italy

       Last changed: $Date: 2011-09-04 06:23:30 -0700 (Sun, 04 Sep 2011) $

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