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       vcf-stats - statistic of VCF file


       vcf-stats [OPTIONS] file.vcf.gz


       -d, --dump <file>
              Take  an  existing  dump file and recreate the files (works with

       -f, --filters <filter1,filter2>
              List   of   filters   such   as   column/field   (any    value),
              column/field=bin:max (cluster in bins),column/field=value (exact

       -p, --prefix <dir/string>
              Prefix of output files. If slashes are present, directories will
              be created.

       -s, --samples <list>
              Process  only the listed samples, - for none. Excluding unwanted
              samples may increase performance considerably.

       -h, -?, --help
              This help message.


              # Calculate stats separately for the filter field,  quality  and
              non-indels           vcf-stats           file.vcf.gz          -f
              FILTER,QUAL=10:200,INFO/INDEL=False -p out/

              # Calculate stats  for  all  samples  vcf-stats  file.vcf.gz  -f
              FORMAT/DP=10:200 -p out/

              #   Calculate  stats  only  for  the  sample  NA00001  vcf-stats
              file.vcf.gz -f SAMPLE/NA00001/DP=1:200 -p out/

              vcf-stats file.vcf.gz > perl.dump

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