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       VisualVM - All-in-One Java Troubleshooting Tool


       jvisualvm [OPTIONS]


       VisualVM  is  a  tool to monitor and troubleshoot Java applications. It
       runs on Java 7 or higher but is able to monitor applications running on
       JDK  1.4  and  higher.  It utilizes various available technologies like
       jvmstat, JMX, the Serviceability Agent (SA), and the Attach API to  get
       the  data  and  automatically  uses  the  fastest  and most lightweight
       technology to impose minimal overhead on monitored applications.


       --openjmx <arg>
              open application specified by JMX connection (host:port)

       --openfile <arg>
              open file specified by <arg>, file can be Application  snapshot,
              NetBeans Profiler snapshot or HPROF heap dump.

       --openid <arg>
              open application with id <arg>

       --openpid <arg>
              open application with process id <arg>

       --laf <LaF classname>
              use given LookAndFeel class instead of the default

       --fontsize <size>
              set the base font size of the user interface, in points

       --locale <language[:country[:variant]]>
              use specified locale

       --userdir <path>
              use specified directory to store user settings

       --cachedir <path>
              use  specified  directory to store user cache, must be different
              from userdir

              do not show the splash screen

       --help show this help

       --jdkhome <path>
              path to JDK

              pass <jvm_option> to JVM


       More information and tutorial videos are available on the VisualVM site


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