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       w3af_gui  -  Web  Application Attack and Audit Framework with graphical
       user interface


       w3af_gui [-h] [-p <profile-file>] [-i <metasploit-path>]


       w3af is a Web Application Attack and Audit Framework. The project  goal
       is   to  create  a  framework  to  find  and  exploit  web  application
       vulnerabilities that is easy to use and extend. This is  the  graphical
       user interface manpage.


       -h     Print help message.

       -p <profile-name>
              Run   with   the   selected   profile.   Example:  "w3af_gui  -p

       -i <metasploit-path>
              Directory where MSF is  installed  (only  used  to  install  the
              virtual daemon)


       w3af(1), w3af_console(1)

User Guide

       To  learn  more  about  w3af please read the w3af users guide, which is
       available with your installation (readme/w3afUsersGuide.pdf)  and  also
       online                                                               at .


       The framework is still under development and has reported bugs. To read
       a  complete list of them, or to submit a bug, please point your browser
       to .

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