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       wavmerge - Merge multiple wave files into a single file


       wavmerge [-o merged.wav] file1.wav file2.wav [...]


       wavmerge  can  merge  wave files that are in the same format (i.e. same
       sample rate, same bits per sample, ...). If  you  want  to  merge  wave
       files from different formats, you will have to convert them to the same
       format using, for example, sox(1).


       -o merged.wav
              Specify the filename of the merged wave file; if not  specified,
              merged.wav will be used as the filename for the output


       wavbreaker(1), wavinfo(1), sox(1).


       wavbreaker  was initially written by Timothy D. Robinson.  This version
       is currently maintained by Timothy  D.  Robinson  and  Thomas  Perl  at

                                  2007-04-20                       WAVMERGE(1)

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