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       weechat - the extensible chat client


       weechat [-a|--no-connect] [-d|--dir <path>] [-p|--no-plugin] [-r|--run-command <command>] [-s|--no-script] [--upgrade] [plugin:option...]
       weechat [-c|--colors]
       weechat [-h|--help]
       weechat [-l|--license]
       weechat [-v|--version]


       WeeChat is a fast, light and extensible chat client.

       It is modular (lightweight core with plugins), multi-protocols (IRC and
       Jabber), extensible with C and scripts written in several languages.


       -a, --no-connect
           Disable auto-connect to servers when WeeChat is starting.

       -c, --colors
           Display default colors in terminal.

       -d, --dir <path>
           Set path as home for WeeChat (used for configuration files, logs,
           user plugins and scripts), default value is ~/.weechat (note:
           directory is created if not found by WeeChat).

       -h, --help
           Display help.

       -l, --license
           Display WeeChat license.

       -p, --no-plugin
           Disable plugins auto-load.

       -r, --run-command <command>
           Run command(s) after startup (many commands can be separated by

       -s, --no-script
           Disable scripts auto-load.

           Upgrade WeeChat using session files generated with command /upgrade

       -v, --version
           Display WeeChat version.

           Option for a plugin.


       For complete doc on plugin options, please look at plugins
       documentation in WeeChat user’s guide.

       With irc plugin, you can connect to temporary server with an URL like:


       To join WeeChat IRC channel support with nick "mynick":


       IPv6 address can be enclosed in brackets to add a port after address,
       for example:



           main WeeChat configuration file

           plugins configuration file

           configuration file with secured data

           configuration file for alias plugin

           configuration file for aspell plugin

           configuration file for charset plugin

           configuration file for exec plugin

           configuration file for irc plugin

           configuration file for logger plugin

           configuration file for relay plugin

           configuration file for script plugin

           configuration file for trigger plugin

           configuration file for xfer plugin

           WeeChat log file


       WeeChat is written by Sébastien Helleu and contributors (complete list
       is in the AUTHORS.asciidoc file).

       Copyright © 2003-2014 Sébastien Helleu <>

       WeeChat is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
       under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the
       Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or (at your
       option) any later version.

       Please read the COPYING file for more information.



       For help or a bug report:

  WeeChat 1.0.1                   10/15/2014                        WEECHAT(1)

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