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       wmforkplop  -  Monitors forking activity and displays top CPU consuming


       wmforkplop [options]


       wmforkplop is a program that  monitors  the  forking  activity  of  the
       kernel  and  displays  a  list  of  the  most  CPU-consuming processes.
       Although primarily aimed at Windowmaker, it  will  run  on  any  window
       manager, either as a dockapp or as a standard X11 application.

   Option list:
       -h, --help
              print this.

       -v, --verbose
              increase verbosity

       -V, --version
              print version

       --fontpath path add a new directory to the font search directory list

              default:        --fontpath=/usr/share/fonts/truetype        (and

              (and subdirectories)

              (and subdirectories)

       --font fontname/size Set the 'small font' name/size in pixel  (default:
              --smallfont=Vera/6  The  font  name are case-sensitive, and must
              correspound to the name of a .ttf file which can be found in one
              of  the  fontpaths  By  default,  wmforkplop  tries  to load the
              following fonts:

              *   Vera/6,    DejaVuSansMono/6,    Andale_Mono/6,    Verdana/6,

       -c n, --colormap=n

              select colormap number n (0 <= n <= 5)

       -g[=WxH+x+y], --geometry[=WxH+x+y]

              start  in  window  (i.e.  undocked) mode with specified geometry
              (i.e -g 96x32 or -g 64x64+0+0)

       --32,  --48,  --56

              start in a reduced dockapp, for people whose dock is  too  small
              too contain 64x64 dockapps


              disable the wmtop feature, you will only see the fork animation.


              disable  the  fork  animation, you will only see the list of top


              minimum CPU consumption (%) of a process listed in the  top-list
              (default 3%)

       -u n, --proc-update-delay=n

              set  the  delay  between  two reads of /proc, the default is 150
              (milliseconds).  Setting a small value gives  accurate  results,
              but consumes more CPU as reading /proc is quite expensive.

       See /usr/share/doc/wmforkplop/README.gz for more details.


       This  manual  page  was  generated  using  help2man and edited by Varun
       Hiremath <>, for the Debian project (but may be used by

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