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       wmmemload - A dockapp to monitor memory/swap usages


       wmmemload [options]


       This manual page documents briefly the wmmemload command.

       WMMemLoad  is  a program to monitor memory/swap usages. It is a dockapp
       that is supported by X window managers such as Window Maker, AfterStep,
       BlackBox, and Enlightenment.

       The  current memory usage is displayed in the top half.  The swap usage
       is in the bottom half. It has an LCD look-alike  user  interface.   The
       back-light  may  be turned on/off by clicking the mouse button over the
       appliacation. If the usage hits a certain threshold, an alarm-mode will
       alert you by turning on back-light.


       This  program  follows  the  usual  GNU  command line syntax, with long
       options starting with  two  dashes  (`-').  A  summary  of  options  is
       included below.

       -d, --display <string>
              Attempt  to open a window on the named X display. In the absence
              of   this  option,  the   display   specified   by  the  DISPLAY
              environment variable is used.

       -bl, --backlight
              turn on back-light.

       -lc, --light-color <color>
              back-light color. (rgb:6E/C6/3B is default)

       -i, --interval <number>
              number of secs between updates. (1 is default)

       -b, --ignore-buffers
              ignore buffers. (GNU/Linux)

       -c, --ignore-cached
              ignore cached pages. (GNU/Linux / FreeBSD)

       -wr, --ignore-wired
              ignore wired pages. (FreeBSD)

       -h, --help
              show help text and exit.

       -v, --version
              show program version and exit.

       -w, --windowed
              run the application in windowed mode

       -bw, --broken-wm
              activate broken window manager fix

       -am, --alarm-mem <percentage>
              activate  alarm  mode  of  memory.  <percentage> is threshold of
              percentage from 0 to 100.(90 is default)

       -as, --alarm-swap <percentage>
              activate alarm  mode  of  swap.  <percentage>  is  threshold  of
              percentage from 0 to 100.(50 is default)


       WMMemLoad  was  assembled  by  Mark  Staggs <>.  It is
       largely   based   on   WMMemMon   and   WMCPULoad   by   Seiichi   SATO

                                 April 3, 2002                    WMMEMLOAD(1)

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