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       xLart - interactive X interface to rlart(1)




       xLart  is  an  interactive X11-based interface to the rlart(1) off-line
       lart spooler.  xLart uses the lartd - if  lartd  is  not  running  when
       xLart  is  started,  xLart  will  start  it and send an autolart to the
       members of wheel (not including root).  xLart utilises xfaces and Drag-
       and-Drop  to  allow  playing admins to either drag lusers onto larts or
       vice versa. Points are accrued for each successful lart deployment, and
       scores written to /var/account/lart/interactive.

       xLart  makes use of several basic larts, and as more points are accrued
       (or as the lusers become harder to lart) other, more capable larts  are
       made available. The basic larts are:

                      Filleting knife
                      10lb Sledgehammer
                      Beretta 9mm
                      un-set concrete
                      tommy gun

       Of  course,  since  xlart  is  only  distributed  in source form, site-
       dependent larts may be designed, implemented and used by  the  relevant
       BOFH or sysmangler.

       The  highest  level  of play also allows for the use of the atomic lart
       (lat and long must be specified, but some help is given by the program)
       and  the  psychological  lart  (old-style  lobotomy, Electro-convulsive
       shock therapy,  extreme  aversion  therapy  and  drug  cocktails).  The
       psychological  lart  needs  to  be used over several rounds, due to its
       non-instantaneous nature.

       The vanilla installation of xLart requires a configuration file list of
       larts  to  be  added  at  certain  point  intervals.  A  slightly  more
       interesting installation makes use of the xface library to provide that
       personal  touch  when  larting  lusers. The most interesting variant of
       xLart is to not only use xfaces but also to describe a building  layout
       (similar  to  loderunner)  with levels and interior descriptions.  This
       variant allows several admins/BOFHen to play simultaneously,  competing
       against each other to see how many lusers they can lart in a given time
       period (say until local police units arrive) or before ammunition  runs


                                - lart capability database
                                - xface for lusername
                                - small iconic image of lartname


       lartcap(5), lac(8), lartd(8) and rlart(1)


       None found yet, but who really cares?


       James McPherson

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