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       xpaget -  retrieve data from one or more XPA servers


       xpaget [\-h] [\-i nsinet] [\-m method] [\-s] [\-t sval,lval] [\-u
       users] <template|host:port> [paramlist]


         \-h            print help message
         \-i            access XPA point on different machine (override XPA_NSINET)
         \-m            override XPA_METHOD environment variable
         \-n            don't wait for the status message after server completes
         \-s            enter server mode
         \-t [s,l]      set short and long timeouts (override XPA_[SHORT,LONG]_TIMEOUT)
         \-u [users]    XPA points can be from specified users (override XPA_NSUSERS)
         -\-version     display version and exit


       Data will be retrieved from access points matching the template or
       host:port.  A set of qualifying parameters can be appended.

       Examples -

         csh> xpaget ds9 images
         csh> xpaget


       See xpa(7) for a list of XPA help pages

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