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       xracer-mkcraft - generate a XRacer vehicle from a Blender VRML file


       xracer-mkcraft [ --output OUTPUTFILE ] [ --verbose ] [ INPUTFILE ]


       xracer-mkcraft is a perl script that takes a Blender VRML file (.wrl)
       INPUTFILE and optionally generates a C source file OUTPUTFILE that
       contains code suitable to be used as a vehicle description in the game


       --output OUTPUTFILE
              Specifies the C source file to write the vehicle description to.
              If omitted, xracer-mkcraft just processes the INPUTFILE and
              checks for validity.

              Be verbose in the processing of the .wrl INPUTFILE


       xracer(6), XRacer::BVRML(3pm)


       This documentation for xracer-mkcraft was written by Filip Van
       Raemdonck ( for the Debian prepackaged version of
       XRacer. It is uncertain which of the persons listed in the AUTHORS file
       distributed with the XRacer sources has written the actual script.

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