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       xrctl - Crossroads control-script


       xrctl [OPTION]...


       This  manual  page  briefly  documents  xrctl,  the Crossroads control-
       script. Instead of starting XR by hand, consider using xrctl.

       Edit /etc/xrctl.xml, which is the  configuration  file,  and  configure
       your  service(s),  all  their  options,  and back ends. Then type xrctl
       start to start all your services, or xrctl stop to stop them.


       list [SERVICE]           - show configuration of a service, or of all
       start [SERVICE]          - start a service, or all configured services
       stop [SERVICE]           - stop a service, or all configured services
       kill [SERVICE]           - brutal stop, interrupts connections
       force [SERVICE]          - start a service (or all) if not running
       stopstart [SERVICE]      - stop and start a service, or all
       killstart [SERVICE]      - kill and start a service, or all
       status [SERVICE]         - show running status of a service, or of all
       rotate [SERVICE]         - rotate logs of a service or of all
       generateconfig [SERVICE] - queries running XR's for the configuration
                                  and shows it in the format of /etc/xrctl.xml


       xr(1), xrctl.xml(5)


       xrctl  was  written  by  Karel  Kubat   <>.   Web   page:

       This     man     page     was    written    by    Frederik    Dannemare
       <> and updated by Karel Kubat <>.

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