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       zapping_remote - sends commands to a running instance of Zapping


       zapping_remote [-h] [-d NAME] [-i ID] [-v] [-x] [command]


       zapping_remote is a small program to send Python commands to a running
       instance of Zapping. See the Zapping documentation for a list of

       When the -x option is given zapping_remote can also send Xawtv
       commands, see the xawtv-remote(1) manual page for details.  Zapping
       also responds to xawtv-remote. This manual page refers to
       zapping_remote version 0.10.


           Prints usage information on stdout, then terminates the program.

       -d NAME
           The X display to use.

       -i ID
           The ID of the Zapping or Xawtv main window. When omitted
           zapping_remote tries to find it automatically.

       -v NUMBER
           Debug level, default 0.

           Switches to a xawtv-remote compatible mode, sending Xawtv instead
           of Python commands.


       None known.


       zapping(1), zapping_setup_fb(1)


       Zapping was written by Iñaki García Etxebarria, Michael H. Schimek
       ( and many contributors.

       This manual page was written by Michael H. Schimek.

[FIXME: source]                   05/26/2013                 ZAPPING_REMOTE(1)

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