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       zeya - a web music server


       zeya [-h | --help] [--backend=backend] [--path=path] [-b |
            --bitrate=bitrate] [-p | --port=port] [--basic_auth_file=file]


       Zeya is a streaming music server that brings your music to any computer
       with  a  web browser. It reads your music library, lets you browse your
       files, and streams them on demand.

       The client runs entirely in the browser using the HTML5 draft  standard
       technologies (no plugins or external players are needed).


       -h, --help
              Display help.

              Specify the backend to use.

              dir    Read  a  directory's  contents recursively (default). See

                     Read from current user's Rhythmbox library.

                     Read from the playlist (.m3u or .pls file)  specified  by

       --path When used with --backend=dir, the directory in which to look for
              music (default: ./).  When  used  with  --backend=playlist,  the
              absolute path of the playlist file to be read.

       -b, --bitrate
              Specify the bitrate for output streams, in kbps. (default: 64)

       -p, --port
              Listen for requests on the specified port. (default: 8080)

              Require  basic HTTP authentication and only allow users named in
              the specified file. The file should be in htpasswd format.


       Zeya was written by Phil Sung and Samson Yeung and  is  licensed  under
       the terms of the GNU Affero GPL license, version 3 or later.




                                  2009-10-19                           zeya(1)

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