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       zftp - CERNLIB program to transfer ZEBRA formatted files over a network


       zftp [hostname]


       zftp  is  a  file  transfer  program  that  supports  the  transfer  of
       formatted, unformatted and ZEBRA RZ files.  (If you have no  idea  what
       ZEBRA  files  are,  it  is  highly  unlikely  that you want to use this
       program instead  of  a  standard  FTP  client.)   Formatted  files  are
       typically  KUIP  macros,  command or EXEC files, source code or even FZ
       ALPHA exchange format  files.   Unformatted  files  may  be  FZ  binary
       exchange  format  or  EPIO  files  or  any other binary file with fixed
       length records.

       zftp also provides LS, CD, PWD and  RSHELL  commands.   It  provides  a
       common  interface  on  all  systems  and the possibility of macros (via
       KUIP).  It avoids the problems of file  format  conversion  that  occur
       when  transferring  binary  files  between  VMS and UNIX systems.  zftp
       comes with the  traditional  KUIP  user  interface,  including  a  HELP
       function that describes the available commands.

       Please  note  that,  like  many  other  FTP  programs,  zftp  transfers
       unencrypted passwords over the network.  It should  therefore  be  used
       only within a trusted LAN.


       · zftp online HELP command
       · ftp(1)
       · zserv(8)

       zftp  is  part  of  the  CERNLIB  CSPACK  package,  documented fully at     (PostScript)     or (HTML).


       This manual page was written by Kevin McCarty <> for
       the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).

                               February 3, 2003                        ZFTP(1)

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