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       zhpy - the python language in chinese


               zhpy [-i | -p] input [-o] [output] [-e] [encoding] [-v]


           -i --input:
               speficy the input source
           -o --output:
               speficy the output source
           -p --python:
               compile to python and run
           -c --cmp:
               input raw zhpy source and run
           -e --encoding:
               specify the encoding
               zhpy information
           -v --verbose:
               show zhpy progress in detail
               convert python to twpy
               convert python to cnpy

           interpreter usage:
               zhpy [--tw | --cn]

               $ zhpy (.twpy, .cnpy) [arguments]
               $ zhpy -i (.twpy, .cnpy)
               $ zhpy -i -o (.twpy, .cnpy)
               $ zhpy -p

           script usage:
               zhpy [-c] source [-e] [encoding] [-v]

           converter usage:
               zhpy [--tw | --cn] [-v]

               $ zhpy --tw [-v]
               $ zhpy --cn [-v]


           get more information:
               zhpy --info

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