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       zipmerge - merge zip archives


       zipmerge [-DhIiSsV] target-zip source-zip [source-zip ...]


       zipmerge merges the source zip archives source-zip into the target zip
       archive target-zip.  By default, files in the source zip archives
       overwrite existing files of the same name in the target zip archive.

       Supported options:

       -D   Ignore directory components in file name comparisons.

       -h   Display a short help message and exit.

       -I   Ignore case in file name comparisons

       -i   Ask before overwriting files.  See also -s.

       -S   Do not overwrite files that have the same size and CRC32 in both
            the source and target archives.

       -s   When -i is given, do not before overwriting files that have the
            same size and CRC32.

       -V   Display version information and exit.


       zipmerge exits 0 on success and >1 if an error occurred.


       zipcmp(1), ziptorrent(1), libzip(3)


       Dieter Baron <> and Thomas Klausner <>

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