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       zita-at1 - JACK autotuner


       AT1  is  an  'autotuner', normally used to correct the pitch of a voice
       singing (slightly) out of tune. Compared to 'Autotalent' it provides an
       improved pitch estimation algorithm, and much cleaner resampling.

       AT1  does  not  include  formant  correction,  so  it should be used to
       correct small errors only and not  to  really  transpose  a  song.  The
       expected pitch can be controlled by MIDI (via JACK only), or be a fixed
       set of notes. AT1 can probably be used on some instruments as well, but
       is  primarily  designed to cover the vocal range. It's also usable as a
       quick and dirty guitar tuner.


       -h     Display this text

       -name <name>
              JACK client name

       -s <server>
              JACK server name

       -g <geometry>
              Window position


       zita-resampler was written by Fons Adriaensen <>.

       This manual page was written by  Alessio  Treglia  <>
       for the Debian project (but may be used by others).

                                   June 2011                       ZITA-AT1(1)

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