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46 results found for "a".

[TXT] aa_change_hat.2

[TXT] aa_change_profile.2

[TXT] aa_find_mountpoint.2

[TXT] aa_getcon.2

[TXT] abort2.2

[TXT] abort2.2freebsd

[TXT] accept.2

[TXT] accept.2freebsd

[TXT] accept4.2

[TXT] access.2

[TXT] acct.2

[TXT] acct.2freebsd

[TXT] add_key.2

[TXT] adjtime.2freebsd

[TXT] adjtimex.2

[TXT] afs_syscall.2

[TXT] aio_cancel.2

[TXT] aio_cancel.2freebsd

[TXT] aio_error.2

[TXT] aio_error.2freebsd

[TXT] aio_read.2

[TXT] aio_read.2freebsd

[TXT] aio_return.2

[TXT] aio_return.2freebsd

[TXT] aio_suspend.2

[TXT] aio_suspend.2freebsd

[TXT] aio_waitcomplete.2

[TXT] aio_waitcomplete.2freebsd

[TXT] aio_write.2

[TXT] aio_write.2freebsd

[TXT] alarm.2

[TXT] alloc_hugepages.2

[TXT] arch_prctl.2

[TXT] arm_fadvise.2

[TXT] arm_fadvise64_64.2

[TXT] arm_sync_file_range.2

[TXT] array.2

[TXT] array.2rheolef

[TXT] asr.2

[TXT] asr.2rheolef

[TXT] audit.2

[TXT] audit.2freebsd

[TXT] auditctl.2

[TXT] auditctl.2freebsd

[TXT] auditon.2

[TXT] auditon.2freebsd

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