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166 results found for "s".

[TXT] s390_runtime_instr.2

[TXT] sbrk.2

[TXT] sbrk.2freebsd

[TXT] sched_get_priority_max.2

[TXT] sched_get_priority_max.2freebsd

[TXT] sched_get_priority_min.2

[TXT] sched_getaffinity.2

[TXT] sched_getparam.2

[TXT] sched_getparam.2freebsd

[TXT] sched_getscheduler.2

[TXT] sched_getscheduler.2freebsd

[TXT] sched_rr_get_interval.2

[TXT] sched_setaffinity.2

[TXT] sched_setparam.2

[TXT] sched_setscheduler.2

[TXT] sched_yield.2

[TXT] sched_yield.2freebsd

[TXT] sctp_generic_recvmsg.2freebsd

[TXT] sctp_generic_sendmsg.2freebsd

[TXT] sctp_peeloff.2freebsd

[TXT] security.2

[TXT] select.2

[TXT] select.2freebsd

[TXT] select_tut.2

[TXT] semctl.2

[TXT] semctl.2freebsd

[TXT] semget.2

[TXT] semget.2freebsd

[TXT] semop.2

[TXT] semop.2freebsd

[TXT] semtimedop.2

[TXT] send.2

[TXT] sendfile.2

[TXT] sendfile.2freebsd

[TXT] sendfile64.2

[TXT] sendmmsg.2

[TXT] sendmsg.2

[TXT] sendto.2

[TXT] sendto.2freebsd

[TXT] set_robust_list.2

[TXT] set_thread_area.2

[TXT] set_tid_address.2

[TXT] setaudit_addr.2freebsd

[TXT] setauid.2freebsd

[TXT] setdomainname.2

[TXT] setegid.2

[TXT] setegid.2freebsd

[TXT] seteuid.2

[TXT] setfib.2freebsd

[TXT] setfsgid.2

[TXT] setfsgid32.2

[TXT] setfsuid.2

[TXT] setfsuid32.2

[TXT] setgid.2

[TXT] setgid32.2

[TXT] setgroups.2

[TXT] setgroups.2freebsd

[TXT] sethostname.2

[TXT] setitimer.2

[TXT] setitimer.2freebsd

[TXT] setlogin.2freebsd

[TXT] setns.2

[TXT] setpgid.2

[TXT] setpgrp.2

[TXT] setpgrp.2freebsd

[TXT] setpriority.2

[TXT] setregid.2

[TXT] setregid.2freebsd

[TXT] setregid32.2

[TXT] setresgid.2

[TXT] setresgid.2freebsd

[TXT] setresgid32.2

[TXT] setresuid.2

[TXT] setresuid32.2

[TXT] setreuid.2

[TXT] setreuid.2freebsd

[TXT] setreuid32.2

[TXT] setrlimit.2

[TXT] setrlimit.2freebsd

[TXT] setsid.2

[TXT] setsid.2freebsd

[TXT] setsockopt.2

[TXT] settimeofday.2

[TXT] settimeofday.2freebsd

[TXT] setuid.2

[TXT] setuid32.2

[TXT] setup.2

[TXT] setxattr.2

[TXT] sgetmask.2

[TXT] shm_open.2freebsd

[TXT] shmat.2

[TXT] shmat.2freebsd

[TXT] shmctl.2

[TXT] shmctl.2freebsd

[TXT] shmdt.2

[TXT] shmget.2

[TXT] shmget.2freebsd

[TXT] shmop.2

[TXT] shutdown.2

[TXT] shutdown.2freebsd

[TXT] sigaction.2

[TXT] sigaction.2freebsd

[TXT] sigaltstack.2

[TXT] sigaltstack.2freebsd

[TXT] sigblock.2freebsd

[TXT] signal.2

[TXT] signalfd.2

[TXT] signalfd4.2

[TXT] sigpending.2

[TXT] sigpending.2freebsd

[TXT] sigprocmask.2

[TXT] sigprocmask.2freebsd

[TXT] sigqueue.2freebsd

[TXT] sigrelse.2freebsd

[TXT] sigreturn.2

[TXT] sigreturn.2freebsd

[TXT] sigstack.2freebsd

[TXT] sigsuspend.2

[TXT] sigsuspend.2freebsd

[TXT] sigtimedwait.2

[TXT] sigvec.2freebsd

[TXT] sigwait.2freebsd

[TXT] sigwaitinfo.2

[TXT] sigwaitinfo.2freebsd

[TXT] socket.2

[TXT] socket.2freebsd

[TXT] socketcall.2

[TXT] socketpair.2

[TXT] socketpair.2freebsd

[TXT] solver.2rheolef

[TXT] solver_abtb.2rheolef

[TXT] space.2rheolef

[TXT] splice.2

[TXT] spu_create.2

[TXT] spu_run.2

[TXT] ssetmask.2

[TXT] stat.2

[TXT] stat.2freebsd

[TXT] stat64.2

[TXT] statfs.2

[TXT] statfs.2freebsd

[TXT] statfs64.2

[TXT] stime.2

[TXT] stty.2

[TXT] subpage_prot.2

[TXT] swapoff.2

[TXT] swapon.2

[TXT] swapon.2freebsd

[TXT] symlink.2

[TXT] symlinkat.2

[TXT] symlinkat.2freebsd

[TXT] sync.2

[TXT] sync.2freebsd

[TXT] sync_file_range.2

[TXT] sync_file_range2.2

[TXT] synce-serial-hotplug.20

[TXT] synce-serial-udev-add.20

[TXT] synce-serial-udev-remove.20

[TXT] syncfs.2

[TXT] sysarch.2freebsd

[TXT] syscall.2

[TXT] syscalls.2

[TXT] sysctl.2

[TXT] sysfs.2

[TXT] sysinfo.2

[TXT] syslog.2

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