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       ESyS-Particle - HPC Discrete Element Modelling Software.


       mpirun -np 3 esysparticle
       Parameter -np should correspond to the number of threads.


       ESyS-Particle  ESyS-Particle is Open Source software for particle-based
       numerical modelling.  The  software  implements  the  Discrete  Element
       Method (DEM), a widely used technique for modelling processes involving
       large deformations, granular flow and/or  fragmentation.  ESyS-Particle
       is  designed  for  execution  on  parallel  supercomputers, clusters or
       multi-core  PCs  running  a  Linux-based  operating  system.  The   C++
       simulation  engine  implements  spatial  domain  decomposition  via the
       Message  Passing  Interface  (MPI).  A  Python  wrapper  API   provides
       flexibility  in  the  design  of  numerical  models,  specification  of
       modelling parameters and contact  logic,  and  analysis  of  simulation
       data.   ESyS-Particle  has been used to simulate earthquake nucleation,
       comminution in shear cells, silo flow, rock  fragmentation,  and  fault
       gouge evolution, to name but a few applications.

       See for documentation.


       Please  report  bugs  to  the  special  topic  on Launchpad-page of the


       Open  Software  License  version  3.0   Primary   Business:   Brisbane,
       Queensland, Australia


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