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       XExtentsOfFontSet - obtain the maximum extents structure for a font set


       XFontSetExtents *XExtentsOfFontSet(XFontSet font_set);


       font_set  Specifies the font set.


       The XExtentsOfFontSet function returns an XFontSetExtents structure for
       the fonts used by the Xmb and Xwc layers for the given font set.

       The XFontSetExtents structure is owned by Xlib and should not be
       modified or freed by the client.  It will be freed by a call to
       XFreeFontSet with the associated XFontSet.  Until freed, its contents
       will not be modified by Xlib.


       XCreateFontSet(3), XFontsOfFontSet(3), XFontSetExtents(3)
       Xlib - C Language X Interface

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