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       XML::LibXML::SAX::Generator - Generate SAX events from a LibXML tree


         my $handler = MySAXHandler->new();
         my $generator = XML::LibXML::SAX::Generator->new(Handler => $handler);
         my $dom = XML::LibXML->new->parse_file("foo.xml");



       THIS CLASS IS DEPRECATED! Use XML::LibXML::SAX::Parser instead!

       This helper class allows you to generate SAX events from any
       XML::LibXML node, and all it's sub-nodes. This basically gives you
       interop from XML::LibXML to other modules that may implement SAX.

       It uses SAX2 style, but should be compatible with anything SAX1, by use
       of stringification overloading.

       There is nothing to really know about, beyond the synopsis above, and a
       general knowledge of how to use SAX, which is beyond the scope here.

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