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       XmImGetXIM  — An input manager function that retrieves the input method
       associated  with  a  specified  widget  "XmImGetXIM"   "input   manager
       functions" "XmImGetXIM"


       #include <Xm/XmIm.h>
       XIM XmImGetXIM(
       Widget widget);


       XmImGetXIM  retrieves  the  XIM  data  structure representing the input
       method that the input manager has opened for the specified  widget.  If
       an input method has not been opened by a previous call to XmImRegister,
       the first time this routine is called it opens an  input  method  using
       the  XmNinputMethod resource for the VendorShell. If the XmNinputMethod
       is NULL, an input method is opened using the  current  locale.   If  it
       cannot open an input method, the function returns NULL.

       widget    Specifies  the  ID  of  a  widget  registered  with the input


       Returns the input method for the current  locale  associated  with  the
       specified   widget's  input  manager;  otherwise,  returns  NULL.   The
       application is responsible for freeing  the  returned  XIM  by  calling


       XmImCloseXIM(3),      XmImGetXIM(3),     XmImMbLookupString(3),     and


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