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       XmListAddItemsUnselected  —  A  List function that adds items to a list
       "XmListAddItemsUnselected" "List functions" "XmListAddItemsUnselected"


       #include <Xm/List.h>
       void XmListAddItemsUnselected(
       Widget widget,
       XmString *items,
       int item_count,
       int position);


       XmListAddItemsUnselected adds the specified items to the  list  at  the
       given  position.  The  inserted  items  remain unselected, even if they
       currently appear in the XmNselectedItems list.

       widget    Specifies the ID of the List widget to add items to.

       items     Specifies a pointer to the items to be added to the list.

                 Specifies the number of elements in items.  This number  must
                 be nonnegative.

       position  Specifies  the  position of the first new item in the list. A
                 value of 1 makes the first new item the  first  item  in  the
                 list;  a  value  of  2 makes it the second item; and so on. A
                 value of 0 (zero) makes the first new item  follow  the  last
                 item of the list.

       For  a  complete  definition  of List and its associated resources, see




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