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       XmRenderTableAddRenditions    —    Creates    a    new   render   table


       #include <Xm/Xm.h>
       XmRenderTable XmRenderTableAddRenditions(
       XmRenderTable oldtable,
       XmRendition *renditions,
       Cardinal rendition_count,
       XmMergeMode merge_mode);


       XmRenderTableAddRenditions is a function to create a new  render  table
       that  includes the renditions listed in oldtable, if there is one. This
       function also copies  specified  renditions  (renditions)  to  the  new
       render  table.  The  first rendition_count renditions of the renditions
       array are added to the new table. If a rendition is tagged with  a  tag
       that  matches  a  tag  already in oldtable, then the existing rendition
       using that tag is either modified or freed and replaced  with  the  new
       rendition,  depending  on the value of merge_mode. If oldtable is NULL,
       XmRenderTableAddRenditions creates a new render table  containing  only
       the specified renditions.

       This  function  deallocates  the original render table after extracting
       the required information. It is the responsibility  of  the  caller  to
       free   the   renditions   of   the  renditions  array  by  calling  the
       XmRenditionFree function.

       oldtable  Specifies the render table to be added to.

                 Specifies an array of renditions to be added.

                 Specifies the number of  renditions  from  renditions  to  be

                 Specifies  what  to  do  if the XmNtag of a rendition matches
                 that of one that already exists  in  oldtable.  The  possible
                 values are as follows:

                           Completely  replaces the old rendition with the new

                           Replaces  any  unspecified  values   of   the   old
                           rendition  with  the  corresponding values from the
                           new rendition.

                           Replaces the old rendition with the new  rendition,
                           replacing   any   unspecified  values  of  the  new
                           rendition with the corresponding  values  from  the
                           old rendition.

                 XmSKIP    Skips  over  the  new  rendition,  leaving  the old
                           rendition intact.


       If renditions is NULL or rendition_count is  0  (zero),  this  function
       returns oldtable.  Otherwise, the function returns a new XmRenderTable.
       The function allocates space  to  hold  this  new  render  table.   The
       application  is  responsible  for  managing  this allocated space.  The
       application   can   recover   the   allocated    space    by    calling


       XmRendition(3) and XmRenderTableFree(3).


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