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       XmTextEnableRedisplay  —  A Text function that forces the visual update
       of   a   Text   widget   "XmTextEnableRedisplay"    "Text    functions"


       #include <Xm/Text.h>
       void XmTextEnableRedisplay(
       Widget widget);


       XmTextEnableRedisplay      is      used     in     conjunction     with
       XmTextDisableRedisplay, which suppresses  visual  update  of  the  Text
       widget.  When  XmTextEnableRedisplay  is  called,  it determines if any
       visual attributes have been set or modified for  the  specified  widget
       since XmTextDisableRedisplay was called. If so, it forces the widget to
       update its visual display for  all  of  the  intervening  changes.  Any
       subsequent  changes  that  affect visual appearance cause the widget to
       update its visual display.  This function  also  causes  the  insertion
       cursor, which is not shown while redisplay is disabled, to be restored.

       widget    Specifies the Text widget ID




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